My firm has successfully retained Dr. Abramson on numerous cases over the past 25 years, some involving child molestation by foster parents, school teachers, coaches, and counselors. He has also been retained on catastrophic injury cases, including TBI and PTSD cases.  Many of the cases resulted in verdicts and/or awards in excess of $10,000,000.00. Juries identify with Dr. Abramson’s competence and demeanor, and most importantly, he has an extraordinary ability to obtain the “full story” from victims, especially those who would not open up to anyone else.

Rick Bennett of the law firm Bennett Johnson LLP, Oakland, California


Over the course of three decades, Paul Abramson has provided both thoughtful insight and strong presence as he informs, educates and advocates on behalf of those who, whatever their circumstance, have been sexually victimized at the hands of another.  His extensive training, teaching and experience combine to make him one of the most highly regarded experts in the field.

John Girardi of the law firm Girardi & Keese, Los Angeles, California


Working with Paul Abramson has been a pleasure. He provides the perfect combination of expertise in his field, insightful and creative analysis, and compassion and sensitivity that inspires clients to be comfortable and open with him.

Tim Hale of the law firm Nye, Peabody, Sterling, Hale & Miller, Santa Barbara, California


As a prosecutor specializing in Sexual Assault and Homicide I have had no shortage of occasions where I have sought help from experts.  None have helped me more than Dr. Abramson.  I have had many consent defense cases involving developmentally disabled victims, intoxicated victims, victims who were prostitutes or adult entertainers and defendants with rather bizarre sexual tendencies.  These cases often involve issues that are well beyond the experiences of the average juror.   Dr. Abramson is very good at explaining complicated or unusual concepts in interesting and understandable ways.  He is good with juries.  They like him and trust him.  I am a more confident and much happier lawyer when Dr. Abramson is on my witness list.

Rom Zonen, Senior Deputy District Attorney, Santa Barbara County


We have worked closely with Dr. Abramson for more than 15 years and we have found him to be the quintessential expert. Our clients in these cases have all suffered sexual abuse, and many of these are, naturally, deeply disturbed as a result. Many also have difficulties communicating the facts of their abuse, and the many ways in which they have suffered damage.  Dr. Abramson has the rare capacity to truly understand these victims; he manages to develop a deep rapport with them, and helps them to express events, feelings and damages that we otherwise would not have been able to obtain.  Dr. Abramson also provides expert testimony and analysis that is amazingly helpful, and well beyond that of any other such expert that we have used. In particular, we have found that: (1) his understanding and rapport with victims enables them to express themselves and thereby provide underlying facts that are essential to presenting their case and story; (2) he has a deep analytic understanding of the psychology of both abusers and victims, and can analyze the facts of each case and explain clearly to the judge and jury the psychological traits and techniques of abusers, their methods of obtaining access to and silence of the victims, and the pathways of psychological damage and shame suffered by the victims; and (3) due to his deep understanding of the techniques and psychological methods of abusers, upon his review of discovery materials he regularly perceives and analyzes patterns and traits of behavior of both the abusers and victims that we may not have otherwise noticed. His dedication has been invaluable.

Terry Gross of the law firm Gross, Belsky & Alonso, San Francisco, California


On many occasions, over the past 15 years, I have sought out Paul Abramson’s advice and opinions about clients that I already represent and potential clients that I am considering taking on. His analysis always ends up being spot on. Paul has assited me in getting deserving clients the full compensation that they need and has also helped me avoid taking on cases that do not really warrant the time and attention. Dr. Abramson is not only extremely competent, he is also extremely compassionate, and these traits come across beautifully in front of a jury. He is an outstanding expert.

John Howard of the law firm Lowthorp, Richards, McMillan, Miller & Templeman, Ventura, California